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Default Re: Fantasy Football Advice!

In the playoffs and my #1 WR, #1 and #3 RB have all been injured the past few weeks+. fml

If MJD does comeback this week, should I take the chance?

Same question for Harvin.

I have:
Wayne (Ten)
and Dez (@Cin)
...starting and they are both lined up to have big weeks, so I don't think I will take that chance. Even have Britt (@Ind) on the bench, who I think might have a good game.

MJD, though.

Forte (@Min) is starting.
Moreno (@Oak), I guess.
And I have Leshoure (@GB) as my flex.
...Not sure about the latter two. Also have Shonn Greene (@Jac) on bench, but I'm not taking that chance in the playoffs.

OK, that's my thought process. So only one question:

Take the chance on a playing MJD (NYJ) over Leshoure (@GB) or Moreno (@Oak)?
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