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Default Re: Everything that is Overrated (Breaking Bad and Marvel Studios)

Originally Posted by -p.tiddy-
In and Out Burger

we got them here in Dallas, and they were supposed to be the greatest burgers ever...according to Cali peeps anyway




we have some burger spots here in Dallas that would make you bust a nut Cali

I've been saying this for years on this very forum. The advantage that In and Out has is that it's still relatively cheap for some really good food. But from a pure taste stand point it's not the best chain, it doesn't even sniff the best chain.

To the OP's point, that's fine if you don't like BB, I don't either, but I can appreciate the acting in it. It is well acted.

But it's all personal opinion. I would argue that Marvel Studios has been the better studio by a mile compared to DC's studios.

I think that Batman is general has been overrated since he became the new Chuck Norris. I think Superman is the single most overrated character probably ever. I think Alan Moore is overrated. And we can argue about it, but it's personal opinion.
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