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Default Re: 3-13 = Axe territory

Something i've learned over the years is this simple fact. Good teams find a way to win and bad teams find a way to lose. Over the course of an NBA season there are several games that teams like the Heat, Spurs, Thunder, whoever else come out and don't bring their A game. But then in late game scenarios somehow they find out a way to get it together and win more of those type of games than they lose. And similarly when bad teams find themselves in those same situations, they lose more often than they win.

Now, yes there are cases where those losses are due to a young inexperienced roster that you can chalk up to "they'll learn." But for the most part our closers have included Bargs/Lowry/Calderon/Derozan/Amir. And while they are relatively young guys, they aren't in terms of NBA experience. They don't know how to win because they've been bred into a losing culture. From the GM to the coach, to the players. And yes that means major changes must be made.
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