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Default Re: can the raps cash in on their assets?

Originally Posted by Jballer
Yes the Toronto Raptors can cash in on their assets.

The big question has to be which ones.

As always what comes back given the cap hits.

1) Kyle Lowry - Big value already asks the pointed question (Powerranking). Should we trade Klow ? Klow is a impending free agent end of next year and given the team performace - will they be able to retain him ? I suspect if they max out Klow he will stay but you never know...

2) Jose Calderon - Great player - low ball bids?
He knows he is gone... all the teams in the league knows he is gone... the offers coming back will be very slim and sparse as the other teams cam low ball the Raptors. They know we want to move his contract - they also know Toronto might be desperate to be seen making a move.

3) Andreas Bargnani - Talented player - has to be the right fit
Barges has clearly worn out his welcome in TO. I think most people including the press realize its best to part ways - but what kinda deal can be done? Problem is his style of game - a big man playing outside - fits only certain circumstances and those teams might not be in a postion to aquire him. Denver ? Clippers ? Houston ? Outside of those destinations I dont see other good fits - esepcially one where the cap hit makes a deal even possible.

4) Ed Davis - Good Promise - do we loose him to get another deal done ?
It would be too bad if we did - but it is probable - even likely. Ed is performing very maturely with energy and contribution. I think most fans and bloggers would like to see him stay but he may be thecog that is required to get a bigger deal done.

5) Amir Johnson - overpayed except in Toronto and Cleveland?
His deal runs out in 2015. Has value to a lot of teams... but most teams cant afford to pay him this much unless they are building i.e. Cavs, Bobcats, Raptors OR are one important inside presence from a deep run into the playoffs... San Antonio anyone ?
You think teams that Bargnani fits are teams without post scoring presence or a team with Blake Griffen at pf?
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