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Default Re: What to make of the big decline in individual scoring averages?

It was my favorite era and like someone mentioned the competitiveness was there and there were no super teams....i said this before.... i loved how at least half the league had a legitimate franchise caliber player and the golden era of swingmen still had some of these guys here now in their primes and in superstar form...loved the debate about how your franchise player was better then anyone elses and would lead your team to a ring even if your argument was convoluted and diluted with bias

it was fun...watching players put up scoring barrages, watching surprises every year, the 2005 sonics, the 2005 suns, the 07 raptors, the 07 warriors, 07 cavs, 04 pistons, etc

each of those teams had a superstar/perennial all star player (maybe not detroit true team ball) who was under the radar possibly and didnt get recognition, Ray Allen, Steve Nash, Amare Stoudamire, Chris Bosh, Baron Davis, Lebron breaking through to the was great to watch and great to watch underdogs that nobody thought had a chance have a shot at succeeding...the competitiveness was at a high back then
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