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Default Re: I know it's way too early, but let's get some "YES" and "NO" ^ in here already.

Originally Posted by onewickedlady
It's possible that we may squeak our way in. We did it once before. I think it's too early to say but yes I think it's possible.

I can't wait for the day we get into the tournament, and win a series. Then I'll wait another ten or so years until we reach the Eastern Conference Finals. Then an additional quarter century before we make the NBA Finals, and if I'm lucky, just before my 98th birthday, I'll witness the Charlotte Bobcats win their first NBA title.

My great grandson then asks me, "was it worth the wait grand dad?" ... and I'll look over at him, and say "YOU GOT DAMN RIGHT IT WAS!"

... then I'll fall out of my recliner laying there on the floor tongue sticking out no longer breathing as the crowd goes wild on NBC (yes, finally the NBA is back on NBC in the future!) with the team holding up the trophy.
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