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Default Re: i don't get the hate for D'Antoni or the Lakers

Originally Posted by swi7ch
Hall of Fame voting goes by player accomplishments and impact to the game of basketball, not what a fan-made website says. Carbine has already listed Dwight's resume above which is better than Carter's.

EDIT: I'm not saying VC doesn't deserve HoF. All I'm saying is if we base HoF voting on Carter's vs. Dwight's accomplishments, D12 has him beat.
Both are going to have issues getting in, imo. But, we'll see.

As far as the criteria the site is utilizing to calculate HoF probability, its explained here:

I don't like 'over-statification', but it seems reasonable to me. According to the site, they have a 96.7% success rate in predicting Hall inclusion -- for whatever that's worth.
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