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Default Re: What to make of the big decline in individual scoring averages?

It's the super teams effects. Almost evey top 30 players are playing with another top 30 players or even 2.

It's really the Celtics in 2008 that changed the culture. Only way to beat them was to create another super team.
So LA did it and then Dallas with Kidd etc..

And Miami raised the bar again so the Nets, the Knicks, the clippers had to follow etc...

And now you have LeBron, Wade, Bosh, kobe, Dwight, Gasol, Deron, JJ, Melo, Amare, CP3, Griffin etc... all joining each other

Any of those players would have 3 or 4 more ppg in their previous team

And btw any of the spurs big 3 would have 3 or 4 more points in their career pts per game if they were not drafted by the spurs
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