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Default Re: Problem with Kobe is not his offense, it's his defense

Originally Posted by Nero Tulip
Whether you talk about offense or defense, the problem with Kobe is the same: he is really stupid.

Look, he's actually a more than capable on-ball defender when he has to. It's just all the mistakes, forgetting his man, helping at the wrong time... he just looks completely lost at times.

Same thing with offense, obviously he has talent, but did no one really tell him that "3 pump fakes into a contested long fadeway 2 pointer" is a shot you shouldn't take?

I think other than Phil Jackson he's been surrounded by people that don't have the balls to tell him he's wrong, and now he thinks he knows better. Any knowledgeable fan will tell you this guy has horrible IQ, and has always had...

you don't become an elite player in the nba by being an idiot. sure relative to guys like jordan/bird/lebron etc he might have lower bball iq but i think saying he has "horrible iq" is not fair.
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