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Default Re: Problem with Kobe is not his offense, it's his defense

Originally Posted by AlphaWolf24
this fool..

at least back your worthless opinion up with something........

- Kobe's defensive numbers...

oppFG%: 44.4%
oppPER: 10.3

That's opponet FG% and opponent PER (what he allows per 48-minute production), by the way...for those who aren't familiar with the advanced stats.

LeBron James: 50.3%, 19.9
Tony Allen: 44.5%, 13.1
Ron Artest: 51.6%, 13.8
Rajon Rondo: 50.6%, 15.8
Arron Afflalo: 50%, 12.1
Andre Iguodala: 46.2%, 10.2
Luol Deng: 46.1%, 10.8

Kobe's defense isn't what it once was ( wich was arguably the best perimeter defender in the L)..but he is still a top shelf defender.

- and the Lakers are top ten (6th) in defending the three-point line, holding teams to 33.3% shooting from there.

- He's doing all this...while still having to run the offense and score.

Actually watching the games >>>> stats
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