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Default Re: Problem with Kobe is not his offense, it's his defense

Originally Posted by AlphaWolf24
this fool..

at least back your worthless opinion up with something........

- Kobe's defensive numbers...

oppFG%: 44.4%
oppPER: 10.3

That's opponet FG% and opponent PER (what he allows per 48-minute production), by the way...for those who aren't familiar with the advanced stats.

LeBron James: 50.3%, 19.9
Tony Allen: 44.5%, 13.1
Ron Artest: 51.6%, 13.8
Rajon Rondo: 50.6%, 15.8
Arron Afflalo: 50%, 12.1
Andre Iguodala: 46.2%, 10.2
Luol Deng: 46.1%, 10.8

Kobe's defense isn't what it once was ( wich was arguably the best perimeter defender in the L)..but he is still a top shelf defender.

- and the Lakers are top ten (6th) in defending the three-point line, holding teams to 33.3% shooting from there.

- He's doing all this...while still having to run the offense and score.

why do kobe stans only use per when it's convenient? either it means something or it doesn't. make up your mind.
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