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Default Re: Problem with Kobe is not his offense, it's his defense

Originally Posted by RoundMoundOfReb
you don't become an elite player in the nba by being an idiot. sure relative to guys like jordan/bird/lebron etc he might have lower bball iq but i think saying he has "horrible iq" is not fair.

OK, maybe it's not fair. Another way to say it would be "people have let him do stupid things all his career and his decision making has suffered greatly for it". How fair is that?

I don't think D'Antoni will tell him to work on his defensive rotations. I don't think Mike Brown told him to take better shots. I think Jackson was the only one who could coach him.

Originally Posted by AlphaWolf24

seriously...I chuckled.

...because you're a biased fan who doesn't know or care much about the game. Seriously... I don't care.
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