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Default Re: Illogical to peg the Lakers as anything right now. So why overreact to every game?

Originally Posted by Carbine
Two top 10 players in Kobe & Dwight.

Nash was an elite point guard just 7 months ago.

Pau is at the very least a top 50 player in the NBA.

Jamison is a quality 6th man off the bench.

Talent is there. No doubt.

disagree. Overall talent that fits into an offensive and defensive philosophy isn't there. They can be good but not good enough to win a title. Guys don't fit and it was predictable to anyone that watched these guys last year.

Nash is a really good point guard when the team is made for him and he has 100 percent freedom. Otherwise he isn't a top 10 point guard in the league. I'd rather have Lowry, Holiday as well as many others over Nash.

pau is a great player. But he isn't a great power forward on a team of aging defenders. He needs guys around him to make up for his lack of quickness. Same with Kobe and Nash. Bottom line is you have 4 very old slow defenders starting and a horrible defensive sixth man. This team will nit be able to stop top teams. They will not run LeBron or Westbrook off the court either. You just can win with a team full of horrible defenders and guys that are forced to play out of character on offense. It won't work as currently constructed but they do have trade pieces.

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