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Default Re: Judaism vs Christianity in Hip Hop - Matisyahu vs. Lecrae - Who Wins?

Originally Posted by macmac
You consistently come across as a moron. Matisyahu was inspired by reggae and bob marley. Do you think Bob Marley is a Zionist too? The Zion he talks about is a spiritual land, I don't know how you let your political bias get in the way of enjoying quality music....

You seem to be mature.

I don't have a political bias, read the post above. I don't have a bias at all regarding politics. If so I wouldn't be criticising Sweden the way I do, I'm the least proud swede there is and patriotism doesn't exist in my mind. And if there would be any truth to your claim, then I would be more biased towards Israel considering that I can relate with Israelis and jewish people way more then arabs and muslims. Don't mix it up. And bottom line, I don't like it when music is mixed up with religion, I think religion is nonsense and it has nothing to do with Matisyahu being jewish.

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