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Default Re: Judaism vs Christianity in Hip Hop - Matisyahu vs. Lecrae - Who Wins?

Originally Posted by niko
This. The man's political slant is basically "let's all love each other and not exclude anyone". This is a man who sought out a part of culture that is primarily black belonging to a part of a religion whose sect just by it's nature excludes outsiders from things. I honestly feel bad for you if what you get from Matisyahu is "evil zionist".

I have never said he's an "evil zionist", I don't consider zionists to be evil to start with. What are you even saying? I think plenty of jamaican reggae artists are shallow, racist and garbage, what are you even saying?

Originally Posted by niko
I think you need to spend some time with a larger variety of people because you come across as someone who is excluded from a lot of people because you are quick to look for things that match what are bad stereotypes.

Ehm, that's the complete opposite. I grew up in a pretty rich neighborhood in Sweden, almost everyone were ethnic swedes and so were the kids at my school. I went the direct opposite way, I grew up playing basketball and in Sweden the most kids who play are from other countries. Kids with parents from Africa, Middle east, East Asia.. A majority of my friends have non-swedish parents and during the most year when I played I was the only kid with swedish parents. That's a bogus and offensive claim. Think about what you say.

Originally Posted by niko
No hate, but it just stood out to me because you could get 100 people and say Matisyahi and do work association and i don't think more than 1 of them would say "zionist".

That was a nasty claim, think about what you write. I have never mixed up religion with my posts about Israel. You're reaching but at the same time you're the same dude who wrote that I wrote "racist stuff about jews" in a discussion before when I didn't even mention Judaism.
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