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Default Re: Judaism vs Christianity in Hip Hop - Matisyahu vs. Lecrae - Who Wins?

Originally Posted by onewickedlady
Garbage Zionist lyrics. Hmmm. So do you dislike Christian rock and Christian ballads, too? Or is it just your hatred for Jewish people--like me? Have you forgotten that Jesus was a Jew? He and by extension Christianity are founded upon Jewish values, teachings and traditions. Christians see Jesus as the fulfillment of the Old Testament messiah while Jews like myself interpret Scripture differently. For a Christian to hate Jews is like any person hating their ancestors who were the context for their own development. While I do not accept Jesus as my messiah I certainly stand in awe of him and his teachings and good works. Millwad, how do you think it would go over on the Bobcats Forum if everyone there read your comments about Garbage Zionist Lyrics. No one on that forum is Jewish but they would still take offense to any attitude of hatred.

Yes, I dislike music where religion is mixed up with the lyrics, I'm an atheist and I 'm no believer.

I don't have any hatred towards jews, what a stupid and immature claim.
And my comments about zionist lyrics was mostly based on his song "Jerusalem" when he makes a distinction a la "they wanting us to give up our milk and honey"-nonsense in a song about Jerusalem. The message is pretty clear and you may want to deny what he is saying but to the rest of us it's pretty damn clear and it leaves a bad taste in my mouth in all honesty. If he claims that he's no zionist, let him, but it still too far right-wing for my taste and I would have had the same feeling if it was about Sweden or any other country. Too much influence from patriotism and religion..

And yes, I have little faith in zionism and I have very little faith in other beliefs where people make a difference between people or where people have extreme beliefs.

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