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Default Re: Illogical to peg the Lakers as anything right now. So why overreact to every game?

Agreed. I cheer at every loss, but even I know they're going to be going on 4, 5, 6-game win streaks on a regular basis in the second half of the season, and that come Conference Finals time, they'll be just as fearsome as OKC and Miami.

And does anyone really believe that if Memphis and LA meet up in the playoffs, Memphis is the favorite? Come on.

This is a D'Antoni team where none of the players know each other and their only decent point guard is hurt. And every loss, even though there have been plenty of them, still feels like a surprise. We all know this is a monster in the making. Let's not delude ourselves.

Dwight will be near 20ppg, and Kobe closer to 25, and the Lakers will have 50 wins, by season's end. Watch.
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