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Default Re: Kobe vs Durant-years 1 through 6

Originally Posted by 28renyoy
He and LeBron have had an almost identical career path through season 6. They've virtually had the same accolades, although Durant has 2 more scoring titles and LeBron has 1 more all star game.

LeBron will probably go down as the better player, but it's impossible to predict right now. If Durant does something like win 3 rings in the next 5 years, he would have GOAT potential.
They pretty much do tbh. There are obvious differences like passing (LeBron had more assists in 2 years than Durant in 5), and scoring (Durant is obviously a better scorer), but they're mirrors this far in.

As for saying if Durant wins 3 rings in the next five years he's got GOAT potential, well yeah you could pretty much say that about anyone though lol.

If Blake Griffen were to win 3 titles in the next 5 years he'd have GOAT potential too... Of course if he won the FMVP's, if not then it's moot.
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