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Default Re: Kobe vs Durant-years 1 through 6

Originally Posted by kNicKz
using stats from a season that hasn't even hit the all star break yet

And what sets apart kobe is the longevity, T-Macs early years on the Magic/Houston are BEAST and at the time people were comparing him to the greats. Time will tell. He is on track though to be a legend. Remember, AI had 4 scoring titles and a finals appearance and younger kids getting into basketball today probably have never even heard of him. Durantula = beast, but I wouldn't compare him to anyone this early in his career. Let him develop. Im not sure why there are more kobe v. durant or kobe vs. lebron arguments opposed to durant vs. lebron. Both are small forwards with close stats, and are both from the same era

The OP is just comparing their rookie years all the way until their 6. I think you can do that.

You can easily compare what he did in his early stages of his career to other players, and what type of skills they had and whatever they make their jumpers or not. You can say that rookie Durant was better than rookie Kobe. But Kobe came right out of high school. Young Kobe was still a better playmaker and could post up back then better than Durant.

By time 2000 and 2001, Kobe defense was better. Durant was still the better scorer at the respectable seasons though.
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