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Default Marcus Banks: Diamantidis Like Kobe, LeBron, Jordan - Nash = D'Antoni's System

Nice interview by Marcus Banks.......... l

You play at a key position, on a team with many new teammates. How will you manage to learn the philosophy of the team, and to work with Dimitris Diamantidis, and your other teammates?

"It's hard to come together, but if we all come together, then we'll be able to achieve a lot. We should directly follow the philosophy of our head coach. Whatever happened in the past is over, and now we should look ahead. As a team, we should become as one immediately, so that he we can win the championship. We have very good players. In America, there have been players like Kobe, like Jordan, like LeBron - here, with Diamantidis, it's the same. He's very smart. He loves basketball, and he's very loyal to his teammates."

You've only been on the team for three weeks, and you often mention the name of Diamantidis...

"After three weeks, I trust him. I hope I've earned his trust. Though it's still early, our relationship is improving more and more every day. We respect each other, and that's what really matters. I'm really still learning.

I'm watching and learning, as I was learning when I was playing behind Steve Nash and Gary Payton. They're Hall of Fame players, and I'm sure that Dimitris will enter into the Hall of Fame too, after he retires. A few years from now, everyone will say that Panathinaikos was the team of Dimitris."

Since you mentioned Steve Nash, did you gain a lot of knowledge playing with him?

"I learned a lot from Nash. He's an incredible player with a calm character, and he's definitely a leader on the court. D'Antoni didn't have any system. It was just trust Nash. He definitely gave instructions during timeouts, but he gave complete freedom to Nash, and the team was successful. It seemed to me that everyone, both inside and outside of the arena, knew that Nash was the real leader of the team."

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