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Default Re: Problem with Kobe is not his offense, it's his defense

Originally Posted by AlphaWolf24
based n what?

- I watched all the games....and his good defensive stats suggest he is playing very good defense.

so again... ask what ae you baseing your opinion on?

Watching the games. I've seen every every game up until now, and that's what I'm basing my opinion on.

I actually think he's played great so far(unlike many of his teammates), my only gripe has been with his defense. He's just not playing it. He completely sags off his man no matter the situation, hardly bothers to fight around screens, doesn't rotate when he should, and often times lets his man blow right by him without so much as moving his feet.

He's clearly the best player on the team, and he's playing some of the best offensive ball of his career, but that doesn't blind me from the fact that he needs to step it up defensively.

The only Laker who's played above league average defensively so far is Dwight Howard, but even he's played below his usual standards.
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