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Default Re: NYJ set Sanchez up for failure

Originally Posted by niko
I don't disagree, they definitely need a new QB. But next year. No one on their roster (frightening as it is) gives them a better chance.

Do you remember Sanchez against NE? Indy? Where he actually made throws, where he made played ok? Maybe the Jets were wrong to think he'd improve and not to challenge him more. But to give him the Tebow distraction at the same time they made every other part of their offense worse didn't help much.

If Sanchez played good football there would be no one asking for Tebow.. Sanchez is playing terrible and the fans are justified in asking for Tebow or any other QB. I thought the move was great for the Jets because it would have either made or break Sanchez and showed his true potential. A good QB would have handled the competition and taken his game to the next level or atleast play well while a poor QB folds under the pressure...
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