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Default Re: Kobe vs Durant-years 1 through 6

Originally Posted by lilgodfather1
They pretty much do tbh. There are obvious differences like passing (LeBron had more assists in 2 years than Durant in 5), and scoring (Durant is obviously a better scorer), but they're mirrors this far in.

As for saying if Durant wins 3 rings in the next five years he's got GOAT potential, well yeah you could pretty much say that about anyone though lol.

If Blake Griffen were to win 3 titles in the next 5 years he'd have GOAT potential too... Of course if he won the FMVP's, if not then it's moot.

Neither have GOAT potential actually. To be the GOAT, which is to be perfect in all finals appearances, you need to have a perfect record in at least 6 finals appearances and win FMVP in all those appearances.
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