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Default Re: Fantasy Football Advice!

Originally Posted by arkain
Need help! First round of playoffs for me.

Pick any 2 of these, keep in mind it's a PPR league!

Moreno vs Oakland
Sproles vs Giants
L. Moore vs Giants
Ballard vs Ten
F. Jackson vs StL
I'd limit it to Moore, Ballard, and Jackson. The other rb on the Colts is out so I'd take Ballard in a game the Colts should lead which equals more running.

Jackson will most likely get you 8-12..almost guaranteed Imo since he is trusted in buffalo with a 50/50 split and goal line touches..

But Moore has the big game potential since he gets the long balls. Idk it depends how far you're behind or ahead in your matchup. I'd probably start the rbs.

I have a q

Demarco Murray or Fred Jackson? But wait..

Only reason I ask is because I am starting Dez and Witten as well since Gronk is out and the Cowboys are facing a tough d. Should I throw in Fred to diversify my risk in case the cows get shut down or should I go all in on them and play the better player?
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