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Default Re: NYJ set Sanchez up for failure

McElroy should be starting. He'll be much better at managing the game and not making mistakes. Sanchez always tries to do to much, and it backfires 95% of the time. I'd also say that McElroy is a more accurate passer.

Sanchez isn't our guy and it's blatantly obvious. Time for Rex and Tannenbaum to admit their mistake and move on. It's ****ing stupid that they're starting Sanchez against the Jaguars. Give McElroy a full game and see what he can do. Everyone knows Sanchez isn't the franchise QB they expected him to be, so what's the point of starting him at this point?

There aren't really that many options at QB for next season. Geno Smith is really the one guy worth taking in the draft imo and I really don't have any interest in any of the free agents. Rivers might be on the trading block if SD wants to clean house, and that's something that would at least be worth taking a look at.
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