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Default Re: What would the 72-10 Bull's record look like playing this year?

Originally Posted by atljonesbro
Dude you are FAR AND AWAY with ABSOLUTE EASE the biggest homer on this site. I'm not even joking at all it pisses me off every single time I see you post. You had the fu*king audacity once to say Scottie Pippen was better than LEBRON JAMES. You literally think every single player who played on that Bulls team is god's gift to earth. EVERY SINGLE THREAD about the Jordan Bulls is the ONLY threads you post in and you say something rediculously stupid at least once in all of them.

Can you show me a link where he said Pippen was better than James ? Not that would surprise me or anything (I believe he has said Pippen is better than Magic, Bird, Kobe, Wade, and so on... Stockton is better pure point than Magic...), but I have never seen him type that out directly.
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