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Default Re: GTA San Andreas - Supply Lines

Originally Posted by Rake2204
Yeah, each of the Zero missions we did came during the day.

Also, are you talking about the Fire Truck Missions where you steal a fire truck and click R3 to initiate them? If so, that's another one that went extremely smoothly for me. We did it in San Fierro by our little garage. We had about 5 minutes to spare by the time we finished level 12.

On the flip side, I gave the police missions a shot while on a police motorcycle. I made it to level 4 on my first go around then failed. I can't remember if that one was tough for me in the past or not. I didn't have a lot of weaponry, so that could have been part of it.

No bro, I am talking about the very last mission where you're chasing the cop and trying to save your brother Sweet (he's hanging off the ladder of the truck). It's called End of the Line I believe or something of sorts.

I am tempted to play this game now, it's my favorite non-modern game of all-time.

If I had to rank my five favorites games of all-time:

Uncharted 3
Uncharted 2
San Andreas
007: Goldeneye
Red Dead Redemption
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