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Default Re: What would the 72-10 Bull's record look like playing this year?

Originally Posted by Just2McFly
Could I at least get a couch before you take your role as ISH's shrink so seriously?
That actually made me laugh.

Originally Posted by Just2McFly
You need to work on your math bro.

55-65 games at it's high end has a better win pct than the Bulls of last year. Nice try though.

You don't think I realized that? Saying you think they would win 55-65 games is equivalent to saying that you believe they could win any number of games within that range. Both last years Bulls and the previous years Bulls won the equivalent of 62 times - given an 82 game season. Seven of the eleven numbers within your range fall below that number. In other words, you think it's more likely that the 96' Bulls win less games than the 11' or 12' Bulls than vice versa.
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