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Default Re: Sons of Anarchy season 5

At every season finale, we usually can spot the villain for next season. Zobelle and The Nords/Hales, The Irish, Pope, etc..

It is so clear that the series is winding down and all outside villains have been practically crushed or have turned into allies, that the only logical villain left lies within the club.


Pure poison. Tara going to jail should be the final straw for Jax. I said it all along since last season that Gemma was hiding something else in those letters and that Clay was covering for her because he truly loved her and she was a big reason he got the gavel. However, Gemma is the f'n antichrist and I have a feeling it will all come to a head next season. Gemma has always craved control and a way in which to survive. She knows she will not survive with Clay, so she backstabs him and turns to Nero. She knows she will lose Jax and her grandsons (the only thing pure and innocent in her life) if Tara gets her way, so she will stop at nothing to prevent that.
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