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Default Re: Top 10 Dunkers of All Time?

Originally Posted by Rake2204
I must ask, I am fully aware of David Thompson's reputation and the stories of his leaping exploits, but I'm wondering, is there some hidden mixtape some of you guys have access to, or are you all just listing Thompson based on stories, rep, and hearsay? I feel as though I've seen footage of like, ten career David Thompson dunks. And to be very clear, that doesn't mean I don't think he was a great dunker, I was just wondering where you guys were coming from with your choices.

From the bit I've seen, I notice some pretty spectacular Thompson dunks (a couple of tip slams and a big fast break takeoff) and I know there's a pile of dunks of his I'll never see due to the lack of footage. But from what exists, I don't get any sort of feeling that'd make me want to include him as one of the top ten dunkers of all-time. For instance, if we were somehow able to compile all of Thompson's professional dunks onto one reel and we pitted that reel against, say, Dwyane Wade's clips, I don't feel like it'd even be a contest.

On the flip side, I think Julius Erving still stands the test of time. He performed a number of slams in certain situations that folks still haven't replicated today (ex: his cuff over Cooper). I'm just curious to see where you guys are coming from with DT.

Dr.J was the first guy to give the appearance of hang time and "gliding" int he air. He was buttery smooth....after that came Thompson who really made verticals a something of importance. If I'm not mistake, he was one of the first guys doing reverse dunks, put backs on the regular, and he's also the same guy who people rumoured to have touched the top of the backboard. In addition, i think he defied the "no dunking" rules in college ball which started the movement to allow dunking.
I tried to stay as non bias as possible basing a lot of it on importance to the game too....or else all the greatest dunkers would be the ones I've seen only.
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