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Default Re: What would the 72-10 Bull's record look like playing this year?

Originally Posted by Cladyclad
Luc longley is not starting in todays NBA im sorry guys
Ron harper is not guarding Paul, Westbrook, Williams, Wall, Rose, Rondo etc... Its not realistic for him to be able to guard those guys. Pip nor Jordan either. To be honest idk how good they would be, but 70 wins is not possible how that was constructed in the 90's in todays game.
Everything you posted is wrong.

Have you looked at the current list of starting centers? Are you actually saying that Longley wasn't more skilled than any of them?

Ron Harper is one of the best defenders at the guard position -- long, athletic, long arms, quick hands, and very, very smart. I'm not saying he would lock down every player on your list, but would definitely hold his own. Saying that he couldn't "guard" them is ridiculous.

Apparently, you never saw the 72-10 Bulls in action.
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