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Default Re: Sons of Anarchy season 5

I agree with a lot of what's being said here.

Once again the season finale is a really good pay off to a season that had really kind of gone off the rails there about half way through.

Everything remains a little too goofy the way they close everything up so conveniently. I know if I go to the mall after work, that's a pretty full day for me. These guys seem to go all over existence without much in the way of food or sleep over the course of 48 hours all the time.

I've grown to really like the Tig character, so I'm glad they kept him alive. I honestly didn't see the Clay set up thing coming. That's a big two birds with one stone play, in that it took care of the Sherriff and Pope story lines in one fell swoop. Was it a little rediculous? ... Sure ... but I can live with it to tie ends.

I look forward to Clay next season in prison. They've done a pretty good job making a pretty reprehensible character sympathetic. And he seems like he'll continue to be.
Tara's meltdown was one of the better performances the show has seen since much of the characters are pretty flat. It was nice to see her stretched a little.
I agree that Gemma is going to be the villain next year. Her turning on Clay means he's out on her too. And once Jax finds out about her even threatening Tara, weather it came from her or not, he's going to flip too. They sort of imply it's her because she had to go give a statement anyway about Clay, but because they didn't show it, I'm not opposed to the notion that it wasn't her.
I'm not sure biting off your own tongue means you can't give testimony because you can't speak. But I'm sure it makes for a pretty good insanity case.
Bobby cutting off his VP patch was an interesting note that has gone pretty much unmentioned. The club needs an internal foil, and Bobby is more suited for it than anyone else.
It sounds like we'll be seeing more Dave Navarro next season, which could pay off in unintentional comedy if nothing else.
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