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Default Re: Top 10 Dunkers of All Time?

Originally Posted by Toizumi
I agree. Both quantity and quality taken into the equation. Dwight Howard has been the leader in dunks for the past few years, but he is nowhere near the top for me. Shaq however, did not just dunk a lot, he threw down a lot of nasty ones as well. The man was murderous. Carter has the best personal highlight real of all time in my opinion, but Shaq's is more than great as well. Take into account that he dunked much much more than Carter and he takes the top spot in my list, followed by Carter.
I respect your angle, though I do not ultimately agree. For me, the majority of O'Neal's slams were all of the same ilk: one hand power punch or two hand power punch, both often via dropstep or close two-foot takeoff. And that's surely not to say they weren't impressive (, it was just a lot of the same.

Further, I recognize O'Neal dunked on a lot of folks, but those slams didn't always seem to contain the same amount of otherworldly athletic prowess because, if we're honest, O'Neal was bigger than 99% of the players he competed against. His crushes would still wow me a lot of times ( but it didn't seem to take a lot for the 7'1'' 300+ pound beast to make it happen. As such, Shaq posterizing Alonzo Mourning doesn't always have the same effect on me as when, say, Grant Hill makes it happen.

I also think I just place a heavier value on style, innovation, situation, and versatility than I do frequency and good versions of routine slams.

Originally Posted by mshahidz
Dr.J was the first guy to give the appearance of hang time and "gliding" int he air. He was buttery smooth....after that came Thompson who really made verticals a something of importance. If I'm not mistake, he was one of the first guys doing reverse dunks, put backs on the regular, and he's also the same guy who people rumoured to have touched the top of the backboard. In addition, i think he defied the "no dunking" rules in college ball which started the movement to allow dunking.
I tried to stay as non bias as possible basing a lot of it on importance to the game too....or else all the greatest dunkers would be the ones I've seen only.
Yeah, I feel where you're coming from. I've read about David Thompson for many years and I hear stories about how people were blown away by his jumping ability. I've just never really been able to see any clips of his that made me step back and say, "Wow, he's got to be one of the 10 best of all-time." That doesn't mean he wasn't outstanding, he just didn't jump out at me, so to speak. Even in the dunk contest, when taking the origins of creativity into account, the slams Thompson put down didn't look athletically outstanding. That's why I was wondering if those who listed him were doing so as a "respect" sort of thing and merely going off the stories they heard.

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