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Default Re: Marc Stein: Wolves offer Pekovic+Derrick Williams Package for Pau

Originally Posted by Euroleague
A healthy Pekovic is a much better player to have long-term than a Pau Gasol with bad knees.........

Yes, but tell me what position he should be playing. No, let me tell you. He should be playing the same position Dwight should be playing. That's no good and no good for this offense.

Besides, the Lakers don't give a shit about long-term. Gasol is still a beast, just not with the current mentality. He should be traded. But if he isn't traded then it's because the Lakers are doing it for Kobe. And in that case, Gasol should do his friend the only service he can guarantee: play as hard as you can. If you suck, you suck, but stop playing the way you are.
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