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Default Re: 2012/2013 Official Game Comments Thread

Originally Posted by Clutch
I doubt we'll win. It just doesn't seem right.
Heat are well rested and coming from the embarrassing loss against the Wizards. Also they are undeafeated at home.
On the other hand Knicks are tired from last night,their best player is injured (not to mention Amare and Shump which are out for a while) and they just don't look anything more than solid on the road.

I think if the Knicks play their game they are able to beat anyone but the odds are against us. I'll be very impressed if we win.

They are going to try to take our heads off. #1 As you said, they had an embarassing loss. In fact, I saw that game. They looked like they didn't care. LeBron was giving Hi 5s to lil kids. They were doing tricks on the fast break. #2 They lost to us last time. If they lose again, the most they can do is split the season series and they have to play us again at home if I'm not mistaken. #3 I'm sure they'll want to hold off the "Whats wrong with the Heat?" overreactions from the media this time. It's become a bit much over the last 2 years and it clearly effected them at times. I'm sure LeBron, Wade and "Coach Spo" don't wanna have to answer those questions all over again. If we win, I'd be very impressed.
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