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Default Re: Marcus Banks: Diamantidis Like Kobe, LeBron, Jordan - Nash = D'Antoni's System

Originally Posted by devin112
greece is on euro wellfare right now, you should stfu.

Euroleague has never even been to Greece, much less seen Panathinaikos play live in Greece as I have. He's a poser who lives in Arkansas that is still in denial that Nigeria beat Greece in the 2012 FIBA World Olympic qualifying tournament. His constant attempts to glorify the Euroleague and say that they are better than the NBA have been countered numerous times on this site. The arguments are laughable at best. Just read some of his past gems. As any sane human (European or American) would know there is no comparison, NBA talent >>>>>>> Euroleague talent. Ask any fan who resides in Europe and they will tell you. This guy, never having been to Europe, doesn't know any better and his negative reputation reflects exactly that.
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