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Originally Posted by TheFan
nobody answers my question... why Jordan is so much better than Pippen besides accolades?

and Not im not Pippen. but i will admit it was a nice comeback.
Originally Posted by TheFan
really guys?
Tell me... forget about accolades for a moment... in terms of talent, in terms of being a NBA player.

Why the gap between Jordan and Pippen is so big in the mind of some fans?

Jordan has the alpha mentality and a better mid range/jump shot game.

is Jordan a better Defender?
Is Jordan a better Ballhandler?
Is Jordan a better 3pt shooter?
Jordan was better shooting off the dribble, shooting off screens, shooting from the post, breaking down defenders 1 on 1, and making layups in traffic. He had a better first step, better footwork, more moves. Pippen might've had just as much raw physical talent, but Jordan was infinitely more skilled offensively.
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