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Default Re: Trade Rumour - Raps and Lakers

Originally Posted by andremiller07
My only concern with Cauldron as the back up is that this season hes struggled playing behind Lowry, his stats don't show it cause Lowry has been injured and Jose has got got mins but when he has played 25 mins or less this season hes really struggled in general. Cauldron has shown to be real effective as a starter but hes not quiet figured out the bench role.

ye i noticed that too. when lowry was out for those handful of games, calderon put up monster numbers on the offensive end. Now... not so much. I do however think if he was to come to la (personally, im not a big supporter of this trade) MDA would try to limit nash's minutes as best he could, giving calderon a fair chunk of them. Would he produce better off the bench for la? That could go either way.

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