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Default Re: Kobe and Messi Turkish Airlines commercial

Originally Posted by oolalaa
What are you talking about?? Ronaldo's breakout season was 06/07. Unfortunately, Kaka was even better than Ronaldo that year. He completely shredded my beloved Man U in the 1st leg of the CL semi final. Terrifying to watch ( He undoubetdly deserved ballon do'r.

07/08 Ronaldo was the best player in the world by miles. You remember his FK against Portsmouth that left David James rooted to the floor with a "WTF just happened?" look on his face? ( I was behind the goal in old trafford. Best FK I've ever seen in person, and I've seen a lot.

08/09 was a down year. he had ankle surgery in the offseason, missed the first 2 months. Was also pining for a move to Madrid and ended up sulking a little throughout. Still, he produced 2 unbelivable goals - 1. Porto from about 40 yards out ( and 2. A FK that might have been even better than the one vs Portsmouth against arsenal in the CL semis ( Messi's breakout year. Thoroughly deserved it.

09/10 Struggled with niggling injuries. Messi is reaching godlike status. Sneijder is merely a great playmaker who just about everyone on the planet considered worse than xavi.

10/11 Certainly has a case, but Messi scored the big goals in the big games against madrid (And others).


Individual players in football have a far smaller impact than NBA players on the results of games. Barca were a little disjointed all season thanks to the ibra signing - he really didnt fit in. Inter were the better team. Much better defensively and they had a genius of a coach. And the same could be said of Argentina/Holland in the world cup. Holland were much stronger/cohesive/better coached.

Was talking about Ronaldo Luís Nazário de Lima, you know the original Ronaldo and pretty much the one identified as Ronaldo and not as C.Ronaldo.The Ronaldo that was destroying professional European teams at age 18 and selected to the Brazil national team at age 17.The one that was supposed to go down as the greatest player ever; the youngest Ballon d'Or winner when the award was still considered legit. Anyways, I think you get the idea.

What made messi better than wesley sneijder in 2009-2010 on an individual level then? Statistics show that they were at best equal with the clear advantage going to Sneijder.

Let's compare them, shall we?

In UCL: Messi had 8 goals, 1 assist....Sneijder 6 assists and 3 goals. Both contributed equally to their team's success, although i would consider Sneijder to have more duties and be more important to that Inter squad, but maybe that's just me.

In WC tournament: Sneijder was named Man of the Match for 4 of Netherlands' 7 games. Messi was only once named Man of the Match in Argentina's 5 games. Sneijder scored 5 goals(tied for most in the tournament) and 1 assist, while Messi had 1 assist and 0 goals.

I mean the only competition where Messi was clearly superior to Sneijder was in Spain's La Liga, where he scored 34 goals and 10 assists in 36 matches, while Wesley in Seria A (a much defensive minded league with slower pace than La Liga) had 8 goals and 4 assist in 25 matches.

Now, if the Ballon d'Or was awarded for the best player in his domestic league, then I guess Messi totally deserves it then.

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