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Default Re: We enterting a great age in New York

I think Knick fans should be happy and excited.

I dont think you have a grasp of what an era is
This team has accomplished nothing
This duo of Stat & Melo has accomplished nothing
It's only December
There isnt a young studd on this team to look to a brighter future (era)

I heard on the radio yesterday that Woodson is 33-11 as the head coach.

1. This is quite an amazing feet (Rex) considering he isnt that great of a coach (as a whole).
2. This year/last years team isnt that talented (but they are coach-able).

With those 2 factors considered its an inexplicable situation and Knick fans should ride this wave! Marvel in this greatness of what Woodson has done and what this team has done the past month.

Knick fans deserve to stick there chest out some considering the past 15 years.

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