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Default Re: Poster Longhorn, explain this.

Originally Posted by nathanjizzle
are you stupid? have you not looked at the website your trying to push? hes a nobody selling books and dvds, his website looks like a goddam pop up ad, and he does "seminars" on how to get rich. common this is like those late night commercials promising you to make 5k a week on a gimmick
he makes up his own numbers and drew up his own charts and your taking it as fact?

in other real news. the trend in unemployment the last 3 years is continuing. drops to 7.7 percent

deal with it obama haters.

Numbers don't really tell us much for this job report. The effects of Sandy still haven't really been taken into account and I would almost guarantee that the number will be revised down next month.

Past two months were also revised down and the labor force participation rate dropped again. In total, I'd say the numbers show basically no change in the employment outlook.
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