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Default Re: Rival Execs Think Gasol to Toronto?

Originally Posted by bokes15
This is totally hypothetical but if we were to give up both Calderon (who would help the Lakers significantly IMO) and Bargs for a 32 year old Pau Gasol we better be getting more out of it than that whether it be more players or some draft picks or something.

I like the deal straight up.

Gas is a professional. He would help change the direction of the team. Not win now... not really.. thats not what the deal is about.

Mentor Jonus - yes !

More importantly his deal expires in 2 seasons....

If I have my salary cap facts line up.....

Just as we need to (likely) sign KLow to a max deal...

1) Gasol comes off the cap at $20M
2) Amir comes off the books same time at $7 Mill ?
3) Landry enters the final year of his deal and as an expriing deal would seem to be "potentially attractive"

I would hope this deal gives the Raps the ability to retain and sign Ed Davis as well.

Klow Derozan Davis Jonus is a real good nuclueus. And if we still had say $12Million net cap space after the increases - we might be able to attract the impact wing player to that core.

I would cheer horse for that team in 2016.

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