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Default Re: Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Discussion

Originally Posted by ihoopallday
Sniping on this game is pointless since you'll show up on the radar for not moving. Seriously, what's the point of sniping if you have to run around all game. They need to make UAV'S harder to get. Also, why the **** did they take off Nuketown 24/7? Now I have to play like 4 games on other maps till it shows up for voting. Maybe they should've let us know that when preordering.

I'm a level 53. Don't know if I'll prestige. Can you keep a perk after you prestige? If so, I'll keep Ghost. That perk is a necessity because every game gets spammed with UAV'S. Btw, I could use some teammates online. Sick and tired of always getting on teams that don't play the objective.

If you're an objective player on Xbox, add me please. kingjames99 is my gamertag

Snipers show up on radar but they also get the first drop on u. Only takes 1 shot, 2 or 3 if you're me (I don't snipe lol). A person with an SMG at a distance will lose. AR you got a chance if the sniper misses and you are a good shot. Now sniping is pointless when you try to run n gun with it or don't play the objective this hurt your team because you are camped out in a place that isn't overlooking B.

I agree the 24/7 nuketown was a sham. I haven't played it once since they took away the option. Waste of a preorder.

Also if you are always on teams that don't play the objective? Join the club and usually you are against a party. I hate randoms sometimes they are good most of the time they make you rage. I hate the randoms who are going 5-24 then they rage quit before the game is over. Would be nice if that person quit a long time ago.

When you prestige you get a token to unlock whatever gun or perk you choose. The more you prestige the more tokens you get. I think if you prestige twice you get 2 unlocks and so on. So yeah Ghost was my first unlock. Ghost and Flak Jacket are the two must have perks.
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