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Default Re: The Knicks style of basketball is not going to work in the playoffs

Originally Posted by SevereUpInHere
Have you seen the looks we've been getting, or just checking box scores?

The 3's are generally well within the flow of the offence, our ball movement is great and we're playing very unselfish. Melo draws so much attention and with Kidd, Novak and Smith out there, you have to either stay close to your man and hope Melo can't be stopped 1 on 1, or double Melo and hope we miss our 3s. Last night noone could stay in front of Felton, he gets into the paint and scores, or kicks out, ball swings and the open shooter takes the 3.

We're not always going to have hot 3 point shooting nights, but we're getting a hell of a lot of open shots. Nearly noone is forcing contested 3s. We're not even hitting a ridiculous clip from the 3 this year.

I'm assuming you're not watching us.

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