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Default Re: Poster Longhorn, explain this.

Originally Posted by nathanjizzle
are you stupid? have you not looked at the website your trying to push? hes a nobody selling books and dvds, his website looks like a goddam pop up ad, and he does "seminars" on how to get rich. common this is like those late night commercials promising you to make 5k a week on a gimmick
he makes up his own numbers and drew up his own charts and your taking it as fact?

in other real news. the trend in unemployment the last 3 years is continuing. drops to 7.7 percent

deal with it obama haters.

Dude has an MBA/CFA, and is actually rich, so I'd say he knows a thing or two about economics

The statistics he is using are government statistics

NBC statistics don't distinguish part time/ full time employment
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