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Default Re: 2012-13 regular season!

They had life-size posters of me in Utah with me behind bars. Before the situation with Jamaal Tinsley, I had never been in jail, and I'm from the projects!

Do you regret the Palace brawl? Stephen Jackson: No. Because the idea of Ron laying in the stands unconscious with all his teeth knocked out Ö no way. That whole arena was against and I didn't have it in my heart not to do anything.

So what happened with the strip club incident? I was there with Jamaal and some friends just for a night of fun and everything was cool. At the end of the night, I was in my car ready to leave. Then I seen Jamaal walk out of the club with some guy walking behind him with hands in his back pocket like he was fixing to shoot him. I hopped out of my car with my gun. I had a gun license at the time so it was all good. People think I was shooting up the place willy-nilly, but my gun was registered. I saw the guy with his hand in his pocket so I cocked my gun and put it in his face. I slapped him with the gun and we got to fighting before I realized they had planned to jump Jamaal.

Stephen Jackson: Iíve been in too many club fights not to know whatís going on. Iím not going to get hit from behind, stomped out and just be laying there. So all of a sudden all these cars pull up and I let off a couple warning shots, like telling everyone to back up. After that had happened, dude had jumped in his car and planned on trying to kill me. He hit me with his car. He drove straight into me and I flipped up in the air and landed face-first on the ground and knocked all my teeth out. I hopped right up and lit his whole car up. I didnít think twice because Iím figuring he tried to smoke Jamaal.

Some interesting stuff from Stephen Jackson.
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