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Default Re: Thread of Creatures of amazing colours and imaginations

Originally Posted by Anti Hero

Originally Posted by gigantes
awesome stuff. repped. i'm in to animals and some of these i haven't seen before, like the ant and the cicada(?) in #7 and the turtlish spider in #14.

a couple recommendations if you're interested-- mantis shrimps, sea angels, giraffe weevils, glass shrimps, water bears... ah, there's so many.
Will look it up, thanks. Right now this girl supplies me with facebook links, plus I snatched some off of a, and there are number of macro(?) photo contests there. Good stuff.
Originally Posted by TaLvsCuaL
Look at this

One of my favorite youtube videos, and one of the most fascinating species. I really love these birds, and the dance at minute 2:00 is mesmerizing.
Yup, they are fascinating. And so many species... It's like you have to think inbreeding made them to be this crazy. Paradise birds, I will get to them.
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