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Default Re: The official Raptors basketball game thread

Originally Posted by Chamberlain
Dwane Casey admitted that the Raptors considered changing the starting lineup by inserting Amir Johnson for Jonas Valanciunas, but decided not to after reviewing game film of Wednesday's game.

I hinted at possible lineup changes, but again I think that would send the wrong message, he said. We want to be patient with our young kid (Valanciunas) and sometimes its frustrating. Sometimes hes frustrated a little bit but hes growing. As many mistakes as hes making, hes also growing. g_Lineup

Find it funny how they are inadvertently pointing the finger at Val. When our "star player" Bargnani has been sucking ballz, and nothing gets mentioned. To be honest, watching the games I don't see Jonas making that many mistakes. If anything he been getting a lot of cheap foul calls. (which is to be expected cause he's a rookie........I guess.) But at least the Kid is >trying!!!<

How about starting Amir over Bargnani to 'send a message'?. Someone or something as to light a fire under Andrea's ass
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