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Default Re: Gasol might be on trading block

Originally Posted by lakerfreak
Reported by Insidehoops and other sources that this might finally be the season we give up Pau. Some of these trade rumors look pretty good if you're a D'Antoni advocate.

Reports that Toronto would give up Bargnani are pretty intriguing. I would personally love the idea of a mini-nowitzki playing right next to Dwight. It would create great spacing, and it would draw power forwards out of the lane, which allow Dwight to go 1 on 1 posting up inside. If this rumor has legs, we should probably try to get a first rounder out of it, get active in the draft.

Minnesota is reportedly offering derrick williams, Pekovic, and Barea. I am not as big on that offer however.

bargnani is piece of sh!t and he is not the shooter that you want...he takes 25shots to get 20 points......he rebounds 4/game worst then B Loopez

please dont even put nowitzki in same sentence with Bargnani.....

Bargnani is 10 times worst then Pau in bringing the energy and effort

I would do the minny deal if we can do 3 team trade where we get immediate help and send assets to other team

4 way with no, mil and minny

Lakers get monta ellis, ryan anderson, henry
milwake gets Pekovic, clark, blake
Minny gets gasol
no gets derrick williams, shved

3way with ATL
lakers get josh smith, korver, barea
ATL gets pekovic, d williams, blake, e clark
minny gets pau, petro

3 way with utah
Lakers get Paul Millsap, mo williams, barea
utah gets pekovic, derrick williams, blake, eclark, ebanks
Minny gets pau
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