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Originally Posted by Qwyjibo
Being a "cancer" doesn't take runs off the board for his team.
Actually it absolutely does. What you said could not possibly be more false. Especially when you play 162 game schedule and you are inundated with guy(s) you can't stand every single day. These guys are pros but they're human too. Not to mention Escobar plays for himself and nobody else. That can hurt the way your team performs on field too. There's a reason the Braves had no problem giving him up for Alex f'ing Gonzalez. There's a reason it took Miami a whopping two weeks to decide they wanted no part of him, and it wasn't just $.

Strange post by you, Qwyj, usually a very astute baseball guy but acting like what happens in the locker room doesn't translate onto the field is something someone who has never played any competitive sports in their life would say.

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